Workshop Overview:

The challenges and opportunities for electricity networks are increasing day by day. With environmental concerns and depleting fossil fuel reserves, renewable energy has gained lot of importance in the recent. Integration of intermittent and highly variable renewable generation is imposing many practical challenges to the power professionals. There exists general consensus that climate change, system security, and significant volumes of decentralized and renewable energy requires that the network infrastructure must be upgraded to enable smart operation.

The reliable and sophisticated solutions to the foreseen issues of the future networks are creating dynamically-intelligent application/solutions to be deployed during the incremental process of building the smarter grid.

The future electricity networks and its potential issues require looking beyond the existing research frontiers irrespective of the disciplinary boundaries. For this reason, the discussion of the future development on sophisticated/intelligent applications/solutions is the key research point to provide the critical importance to economic and social welfare into future smarter networks. The solutions using the advanced technologies/methodologies will be discussed. Several technical studies based on the recent research work will also be presented.


Scope of the Workshop:

Present workshop’s objective is to enhance the knowledge of the participants in the area of the “Smart Grid and Renewable Energy Integration”. A unique, national level opportunity which delves into the high-level, strategic issues relating to the integration of renewable energy and examines practical strategies that energy generators, project developers and grid operators can implement to overcome obstacles posed by local planning schemes and regulations, and, importantly, how this can be done in an intelligent, cost-efficient and timely way. The workshop will provide a platform to an in-depth discussion on the various challenges and their possible remedies which will benefit participants from academic and R&D institutions, engineers of utilities and policy makers.


Important Dates:

Last date of receiving application

March 20th , 2015

Notification and selection (On first come first serve basis)

March 23rd, 2015

Workshop Date

March 30-31, 2015


Intended participant:

The course is open for faculty/students of engineering institutions, practicing engineers/researchers from utility, industry and other organizations.